Episode 7 Cassidy La Creme


When I tell people about what Cassidy is doing their first reaction is almost always 'wow, that's cool'. After growing up on the Gold Coast, Australia, Cassidy wholeheartedly pursued her dream of music and is now a huge pop star in Malaysia. Here are just some of her highlights:

She was invited to sing for the Prime Minister
She's the first Caucasian to be nominated for a Malay music award
Also the first Caucasion to release a single in Malay
More than 100,000 followers on Facebook
64,000 on Instagram and
32,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Not only that, she's in the process of building an entire empire featuring a line of accessories, fashion, a TV show and whatever else she can pack into her schedule.

And it all started from a dare.

The big question in this interview - how does a girl go from being a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at a theme park in Australia to a celebrity in Asia? Well, Cassidy's story is one of absolute determination and perseverance. Her body clock has her sleeping from 6am-2pm, she creates all her own looks, edits all her own videos and runs her own social media feeds. She's a creative powerhouse who is not only incredibly driven and inspiring, but also super funny and relatable.

We talk about the challenges of moving not just cities, but overseas and building a new life and new friendships; asking for what you truly want; paying attention to the signs that move you in the right direction; mastering your own social media feeds; dealing with bullies; getting 'in the zone' as a performer and just going for it.

So just about everything.

We also grew up together as our older brothers were in the same class so we had a lot to catch up on. 

Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

And at her website Cassidy La Creme