Episode 5 with Shane Twerdun


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One of the best things about being a creative in today’s landscape is there are so many platforms to access content. My guest today is someone that knows all about this. Shane Twerdun is an actor, writer, director, producer, filmmaker and all round creative. He and a friend started and run the production company White Buffalo films here in Vancouver, Shane also has a project called ‘One Song Series’ producing affordable music videos for local bands. 


The thing I like about Shane’s story is he moved to the city to get involved in the movie and acting scene here and gradually learned everything there is to know about filmmaking but wasn’t making the films he wanted. So he created a way to do that. It’s a great case of finding something you love to do and making that passion your own. 


In this interview we talk a lot about learning lessons the hard way like pouring all your energy and creativity into making your product and then suddenly realising that the, quote, "business fairies" don’t just appear out of nowhere to sell your product for you. Also learning who to trust in the early days of your business.


Shane’s incredibly passionate about what he does and the way he talks about following your dream can be applied to just about any pursuit in any field. Also For the movie buffs - we chat directing and filmmaking styles about 20 minutes in.

Check out White Buffalo Films