Episode 3 with Brent Rose



 Photo credit: Edward Sczudlo

Ever had an idea that got you excited but then decided it was too crazy and let it go? Well, Brent Rose didn't do that, he went for it. Brent decided he would go on a one year road trip around North America and live out of his van. That was almost two and a half years ago and he's still going.

Brent falls under a number of categories - actor, film maker, journalist, presenter, blogger and it's through these avenues that he's been funding his adventures on the road. 

His videos and articles are not only informative but also entertaining and they're recorded from some pretty cool places - he's reported from NASA, Google, Amazon, San Quentin Prison, and Samsung just to name a few.

He has also written web shows for CBS and Titan TV, as well as his own independently-produced web series, 50 Characters in 50 Weeks. 

But it hasn't been all parties and seeing cool places, life on the road can also get lonely at times. Brent talks about having to force himself to socialise with strangers, staying the night in Walmart parking lots and not waiting for the 'right time' to make things happen.

See more of Brent's adventures on his page Connected States and his Instagram