Episode 2 with Taylor Aller

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Taylor Aller has interests everywhere - she runs a relationship coaching business, is a volunteer educator, a registered massage therapist, a public speaker, a blogger and a professional hip-hop dancer. She also describes herself as a 'multipotentialite' -  a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life, instead of “one true calling”. 

In this interview we focus a lot on the business she runs with her husband - a program called the Relationship Project. They use their social media platforms to talk about the mistakes and triumphs of relationships and also host workshops. It started from an idea of helping friends and has now become a fully fledged business.

We talk upskilling, finding your limits, giving yourself permission to charge money for your services, overcoming self doubt, managing relationships and also using social media in a business and personal space. Taylor also gets honest and raw about her battles with mental health and learning how to ask for help.

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